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Malwina (Weronika Książkiewicz), a successful car designer, falls in love with Bruno (Michał Żurawski), a successful couples therapist. While he can save any relationship, his own love stories create a series of spectacular disasters. Handsome and funny, he could be the man of dreams, if not for the fact that he acts like a black cat on women. He brings bad luck to his chosen ones, which ends the most fiery romance with a bang. Unaware of Malwin's risk, she succumbs to his charm at first sight. Despite the fact that a series of unfortunate events begins in her life, Bruno is not going to give up this time. In order to save the love of her life, she must find the cause of her heart failures. However, he will not succeed without a bit of luck.


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Polish / 0 min / 2022



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