Kuburan Berjalan

Are you sure you're not a grave?

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Dodi and Ranti are a married couple who suddenly experience horrifying experiences. This forced Dodi to ask for help through a shaman to find out what was the cause of all the terror. Someone apparently sent the Mystical Magic of Corpse Planting to Dodi. There are people who bury corpses in their bodies. This magic is usually used to hide evidence of murder or running out of graveland. When carrying out the mysticism of planting corpses, there are taboos that should not be violated. The bodies of people who are planted with corpses should not be stepped on, because basically Dodi's body is now a grave. And a taboo grave to step over. Dodi just realized that the night before he fell asleep in a prayer room and someone accidentally stepped over his body. Dodi must now act quickly before the curse spreads and forever transforms him into a Walking Graveyard; a human figure with a head tombstone.


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English / 30 min / 2022



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