Poster for Confession



In the silent mountains, surrounded by beautiful mountains on all sides. A man carrying an urn, Iori Kano, appears in front of Mizuki Takahashi, a beautiful woman staring at the fire of a kiln in a humble workshop. Iori is Mizuki's brother-in-law. He has come to inform Mizuki of the death of her mother, Isuzu Kano. For some reason, Mizuki had abandoned her parents' home and was now living a peaceful life with her husband, ceramic artist Tetsuro Takahashi. Iori's appearance cuts through that peace and brings her back to the dark past. Mizuki has been living her life with her past hidden away, but her guilt for Yasuo, her father-in-row, who she had driven to his death, and her love and hate for Isuzu, who she had never reconciled with, lingered deep in her heart. This sense of guilt over her own deeds eventually condemns Mizuki in the form of the ghost of Isuzu, and finally leads her down the path of destruction.


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Japanese / 130 min / 2022



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