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Sonny is twelve. Living with a stammer, he is finding his way in a world ruled by vicious vowels, confusing consonants, and let’s not forget the biggest beast of them all – small talk. A comic book hero of Sonny’s own creation helps him take on his school and home life troubles – but communication is power, and Sonny must find a way to be heard. But when cast in the school production of Hamlet – his worst nightmare – he soon finds the real heroes are closer than he thinks. Dive head-first into the wondrous, hilarious, and moving Wonder Boy in a coming-of-age story that champions the power of communication against an unforgiving school system. Packed with larger-than-life characters, live music and ground-breaking creative captioning, Wonder Boy will capture your heart and take it to the moon.


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English / 90 min / 2022



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