Und dann steht einer auf und öffnet das Fenster

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Karla, a strong, sensual and experienced woman, learns that she has terminal cancer. She only has a few months left. After a wild life as a photographer of music bands, full of touring, joints and rock 'n' roll, the woman in her mid-sixties has no desire for sentimentality. She wants to be left alone with her fate and plans a dignified exit. She refuses the help of voluntary euthanasia assistant Fred, a single-parent traffic planner who always means well. But Fred's son Phil, a shy teenager with a great sense of poetry, manages to get in touch with the terminally ill artist. He is allowed to archive their concert photos for posterity - and in the process gets to know the funky student Rona. As Fred, Phil and Karla open up to each other, a wonderful friendship develops. While father and son initially believed that they would accompany Karla when she died, the opposite suddenly happened: they both learned to live from her


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German / 90 min / 2022



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