Climate Rescue for Beginners

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What use is a good Abitur if the climate is changing? For 17-year-old high school student Lilly, there are more important things than school. It looks correspondingly bleak with their admission to the Abitur! While father Martin fails with a bang to lure her with a dream trip, mother Nina makes an unusual deal: if Lilly really crams from now on, her parents will in return help protect the climate. From now on, only fresh food will be cooked at home, lavender will replace industrial washing powder and you can go to work by bike! There are only exceptions for little brother Tom. But the road to an emission-free life is not a sure-fire success. After weeks, agency owner Nina and chief physician Martin are not only looking for secret exceptions to the rules, but also get into discussions about their lives up to now. And since Lilly doesn't quite stick to the deal with her parents either, the initially abstract discussion about climate-friendly living escalates into a true family crisis.


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German / 89 min / 2022



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