Where the Bears Are 7

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The seventh season of this hit worldwide comedy mystery series finds the bears in more danger than ever when they're targeted by a mysterious stalker while vacationing in sunny Palm Springs, California. If that isn't enough to deal with in the desert, someone is out to sabotage the Mr. Bear America Pageant where Reggie is serving as a celebrity judge! Could the stalker and saboteur be the same person? Meanwhile, porn producer Wood is excitedly promoting his new opus Ass Play on the Orient Express to eager fans during Bear Week and Nelson and Todd both go through career stress, which tests their relationship like never before. Will America's favorite gay bear couple finally call it quits? Who is this mysterious stalker seeking revenge against our furry foursome? And when the bears go undercover to unmask whomever is hell bent on destroying the bear beauty contest, will any of them survive a demented killer's show-stopping explosive surprise?


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English / 129 min / 2018



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