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    Manuela Arcuri


    Manuela Arcuri is an actress, model, and TV personality who graduated from the Accademia d'arte drammatica in Rome, Italy. She made her first appearances as an actress in Black Holes (1995) and The Graduates (1995). In 1999, director Giorgio Panariello offered her a major role for his film Bagnomaria (1999). A year later, Manuela graced the cover of Playboy Italia's October issue and continued her work for TV shows such as Mai dire Gol, Carabinieri, Festival di Sanremo (1951) and Scherzi a parte (1992). Her most challenging role happened in 2008 for the TV drama Io non dimentico (2008). The Italian beauty continues to excite and impress with the lead role in the series Il peccato e la vergogna (2010) and later with Pupetta: Il coraggio e la passione (2013) where she was joined by iconic Italian actress Eva Grimaldi and won the Best Actress award at Roma Fiction Fest. Manuela Arcuri varies her acting skills while remaining hot and tantalizing with the comedy Non si ruba a casa dei ladri (2016) and romance mini-series Il bello delle donne... alcuni anni dopo (2017).

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    Manuela Arcuri

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