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    Paul Kligman


    Paul Kligman


    Paul Kligman, a Winnipeg-born actor, displayed remarkable versatility in Canadian entertainment. His career spanned various CBC radio and TV productions, encompassing both comedic and serious roles across stages in Vancouver and Toronto. Graduating from the University of Manitoba, he delved into radio and stage production for the RCAF. Relocating to Toronto in 1949, Kligman excelled in musical comedy and TV, mastering diverse roles, from villains to distinctive characters. His fluency in dialects and multiple languages, coupled with his Jewish heritage, enriched his performances. Beyond comedy, he contributed to dramatic productions like "Socrates" at the Jupiter Theater and Wayne and Shuster's shows. He embraced the uniqueness of radio and TV, finding joy in a wide range of roles, including Mayor McTaggart in "Jake and The Kid." Off-stage, he indulged in gardening and Jewish folklore, aspiring to explore copper artwork. Despite his varied talents, he emphasized the commitment demanded in acting, reflecting on the differences between TV and radio performances. Kligman's mastery of dialects and character roles, alongside his distinctive Canadian voice, set him apart in both documentary and dramatic settings, leaving an enduring legacy in Canadian entertainment.

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    Paul Kligman

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