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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Morton Selten (6 January 1860 – 27 July 1939) was a British stage and film actor. He was occasionally credited as Morton Selton. Given the name Morton Richard Stubbs at birth, and claimed as the son of Morton Stubbs, it was generally acknowledged that Selten was an illegitimate son of the then Prince of Wales (and future King Edward VII). He began acting on the stage in 1878, mainly in America. In 1889, Selten played Clarence Vane in Mrs. Hargrove's Our Flat at the Lyceum Theatre and Captain Heartsease in Bronson Howard's American Civil War epic, Shenandoah. He would go on to play in some twenty-five Broadway productions over the following three decades. His film career began in the 1920s. He appeared in Branded in 1921. His last film role was the King of the Land of Legend in the 1940 Alexander Korda production The Thief of Bagdad. Selten died during filming.

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