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    Tanja Bošković


    Tanja Bošković


    Tanja Boskovic is a Serbian actress/ Tanja was born in Belgrade. She lived in Arandjelovac until his seventeenth year, and then in Belgrade, a short time in New York. Velizar father, was the director and high school, and mother Ivanka. He has a sister Slavenka. He has two children: daughter Lana and son Djordje.  Tanja Boskovic, doyen of Serbian theater, has over thirty years of a long and fruitful theater, TV and film career. High school and graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, graduated in 1973. in the class of Professor Peter Bajcetic.During the 1974th year, she starred in "Kosava" and then they are lower in the familiar role of achievements. It is always a special way, giving himself and the role she played tore off a piece of his individuality.Very popular is her character Lilly in the movie "Balkan Express" and also the characters in the series "Price Iz Majstorske Radionice" and films "Policajac sa Petlovog Brda", "War Live" and others...

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    Tanja Bošković

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