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    Nichole McAuley


    Nichole McAuley


    Born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, from age eight Nichole began participating in competitions. At the age of ten was selected to be featured on 60 Minutes story about beauty competitions and talent searches. After moving to Los Angeles Nichole began modeling. She then began appearing in commercials, then T.V. shows and eventually movies. Nicole's professional acting career began with roles in such movies as The Nutty Professor, with Eddie Murphy, and The Devil You Know, and countless television series including The Tim Conway Show and Father Murphy. She is best known to her fans, however, for her work on Star Trek Voyager, as photo and body double for the character 7of9. The looks of those characters inspiring her, Nicole went on to become a top make-up artist and hair stylist, mostly working with celebrities in movies, TV, commercials and print.

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    Nichole McAuley

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