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    Sergei Kuryokhin


    Sergei Kuryokhin


    Soviet and Russian avant-garde musician, composer, screenwriter and actor. In his youth, Kuryokhin was a keyboard player in several Leningrad rock bands and played in the jazz ensemble of Anatoly Vapirov, and in 1981 he released his first record abroad. In the 1980s, he took part in the recording of several Aquarium albums. In 1984, Kuryokhin for the first time gathered the Pop Mechanics group, which was a non-permanent concert line-up, in which musicians, singers and artists of different schools and styles could participate in the show, and Kuryokhin himself was the only permanent participant and ideological leader of which. Theatrical concert performances of "Pop Mechanics" included elements of performance, they could include insert numbers, performances by circus artists, fashion shows. Kuryokhin is also the author of music for two dozen films. Throughout his life, Kuryokhin was known as a skilled author of practical jokes and hoaxes. Kuryokhin's performance in the TV program "The Fifth Wheel", which gave rise to the media virus "Lenin is a mushroom", was the most famous. In 1995, Kuryokhin joined the National Bolshevik Party.

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    Sergei Kuryokhin

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