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    Jillian Ward


    Born on February 23, 2005, in Manila, Philippines, Jillian Ward is a highly talented Filipina child actress and commercial model who has taken the entertainment industry by storm. Best known for her captivating portrayal of Gertrudis "Trudis" Capili in GMA Network's hit Sine Novela series, *Trudis Liit*, Ward continues to enchant audiences with her exceptional performances. Having been born as Jhyllianne Warde to a mother of mixed American and Filipino heritage, Ward's diverse background has contributed to her unique appeal in the industry. Her first foray into the spotlight came with a memorable appearance in a Promil commercial, showcasing her undeniable star quality from a young age. Jillian Ward's acting prowess truly began to shine when she was cast in GMA Network's television remake of the timeless classic, *Trudis Liit*. Prior to this, she had already proven her acting chops by playing the role of Daldalita in the popular show *The Last Prince*. Ward's undeniable talent and consistent dedication to her craft have propelled her to become a prominent figure in the world of Philippine entertainment.

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    Jillian Ward

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