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    Kendra Anderson


    Kendra Anderson


    Kendra Anderson was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Kendra fell in love with performing at the tender age of five when she was given the opportunity to play 'Gretel' in a local production of "The Sound of Music". (Her biggest fear at that time was learning her lines, since she hadn't yet learned to read!)       Kendra went on to study singing, dancing, and acting at the Canadian Collgege of Performing Arts (Victoria, B.C.) in their two year program. Her acting training has been enriched further at Railtown Actor's Studio (Vancouver, B.C.) where she has studied with Kate Twa, Lori Triolo, John Cassini and Dr. Iris MacGregor-Bannerman.      You can see Kendra playing on the big screen, the TV screen and on stage in various films, television shows, commercials and theatre productions.

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    Kendra Anderson

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