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    Amane Okayama


    Amane Okayama


    Amane Okayama is a Japanese actor who is represented by the talent agency humanité. He made his acting debut in the long-running TV anthology series Chūgakusei nikki in 2009, after winning a national audition to play the lead in the first episode centered on a transfer student from outside Nagoya prefecture, titled Shōnen wa ten no oto o kiku. He went on to have several successes in films and television series in 2011, appearing in the films Happy Together –All About My Dog– and A Liar and a Broken Girl, and in the Fuji TV dramas Taisetsu na koto wa subete kimi ga oshietekureta and Hanazakari no kimitachi e ~Ikemen☆Paradise~ 2011. Okayama's hobbies are painting, singing, and hip-hop dancing.

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    Amane Okayama

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