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    Giorgia Sinicorni


    Giorgia Sinicorni


    Giorgia Sinicorni lives and works between Rome and Paris. She grew up in Milan where she began her career as an actress at the age of 16 studying with theatre director Claudia Negrin. Then she moved to Bologna for seven years where she graduated with a thesis in semiotics; analyzing the combination between cinema, contemporary theater, performances, and video installations. In 2006 Giorgia moved to Rome where she worked with Gabriele Lavia and Carlo Giuffre as her mentors in the theatre and in various roles in successful Italian television series and movies . She is now working all over Europe, always combining cinema and alternative projects like the latest "The Lack" , the first feature film of Masbedo , one of the most important contemporary video-artist in Italy.

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    Giorgia Sinicorni

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