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    Rika Morinaga


    Rika Morinaga


    Rika Morinaga (森永 理科, Morinaga Rika, April 25, 1980) is a Japanese voice actress, stage actress, and singer. She is the lead vocalist of the band functioncode. She is currently affiliated with Mausu Promotion, and previously was affiliated with I'm Enterprise and Exellex. In 2002, she formed the voice actor unit Mix JUICE (みっくすJUICE) with Kana Ueda, Chiwa Saito and Mai Nakahara. The following year, she made her debut as a voice actor in Wacky Science Fiction Series Wandaba Style, shortened to Wandaba Style, that starred with her unit members. She is also a stage actress in the angura theater company L'Opéra d'Éclipse lunaire. Her stage name, Rika Morinaga, was given when she joined the group. Her first play was Livestock Man Yapu in May 2000. She was also in charge of the choreography for Peter Pan in October of the same year. She hasn't performed on stage since then. In October 2003, she formed the band functioncode and is the lead vocalist. The band has a goth aesthetic and made its major debut on September 26, 2007 with maxi single Undying Love. She also works as a clothing model in catalogs and websites for brands such as DIETS! and Senseless Face.

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    Rika Morinaga

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