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    Hikaru Midorikawa


    Hikaru Midorikawa


    Hikaru Midorikawa (緑川 光, Midorikawa Hikaru, born May 2, 1968) is a Japanese voice actor from Otawara, Tochigi who is represented by Aoni Production.[1] He is best known for the roles of Softon in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Tamahome in Fushigi Yûgi, Seiran Shi in Saiunkoku Monogatari, Gridman in Gridman the Hyper Agent, Heero Yuy in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Kaede Rukawa in Slam Dunk, Ayato Sakamaki in Diabolik Lovers, Rantaro Amami in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, Zelgadis Greywords in Slayers, Ryuho in s-CRY-ed, Ein/Hayate from the Dead or Alive series, Marth from the Fire Emblem series, Akihiko Sanada from Persona 3, Lancer from Fate/Zero, Kyōsuke Natsume from Little Busters!, Sakamoto from Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto, Zora Ideale from Black Clover, Kouga from Saint Seiya Omega, Ensign Nogami from The Cockpit, Garou from One-Punch Man, Cherry Blossom from SK8 the Infinity, and Lilia Vanrouge from Disney: Twisted-Wonderland.

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    Hikaru Midorikawa

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