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    Shanelle Gray


    Shanelle Gray was born Shanelle Workman in Fairfax Virginia to mother Chrisoula and father Glenn. As a young girl Shanelle was in pageants and then landed a role in the Original Broadway production of Les Miserables as Young Cosette. She then moved to Los Angeles to lead the ABC Pilot Howie and Rose in the title character Rose with Howie Mandel. Shortly after, family trouble ensued and Shanelle ended up in foster care. At 18, Shanelle hit the ground running, did a few shows such as Grey's Anatomy and various Soap Operas but went off to pursue her real dream behind the camera. Shanelle went to college and started working for a successful producer and climbed her way up the ladder to open one of LA's leading Performing Arts Studios. She didn't stop there. After producing over 180 short films, a couple of award winning ones, Shanelle now is on to features and television currently working with Shad "Bow Wow" Moss-heading his film and Tv Projects. With her Performing Arts Studio Shanelle Gray Studios and Production Company SW-she found no more time for acting. Instead she works with and leads some of the top performers of today. She has two daughters with ex husband that are successful actresses, Skylar Gray (Evil, CBS) and Parker Gray (Bunk'd) and sister Ariel Winter (Modern Family), brother Jimmy Workman (Addams Family) are also in the business. Boyfriend is guitarist and songwriter Micah Faulkner.

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    Shanelle Gray

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