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    India Fisher


    India Fisher is a British actress, narrator, and presenter, born in 1974. She is widely recognized for her performance as Charley Pollard, a character in the Big Finish audio range of Doctor Who, which she voiced from 2001 to 2009. She reprised her role in The Light at the End, a two-part 50th Anniversary audio story of Doctor Who, released on CD in 2013. India Fisher has appeared in several episodes of the BBC Radio 4 comedy series Elephants to Catch Eels. She also provided the voice for the character of Sophia Winchell in the BBC.co.uk flash-animated webcast series Ghosts of Albion. In addition to her voice acting work, India Fisher has made appearances on TV. She has been a narrator on BBC One's cookery programme MasterChef, and has appeared in the television series Dead Ringers. She also performs voiceovers for television advertisements.

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    India Fisher

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