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    In her childhood she studied ballet and jazz, later, as a teenager, she began to take acting classes and from the age of 16 she captured the attention of producers. In spite of dedicating herself to the artistic medium, the actress decided to study law, where she had a professional training, which she complemented with the learning of English, French and Russian. At the end of her career, she worked in the Argentinean soap opera El amor tiene cara de mujer, at which time Valentín Pimstein, a renowned Chilean producer of Mexican soap operas, who was in Argentina, discovered Bach's talent. After two years of negotiations, the producer convinced Christian Bach to travel to Mexico to have some participations in the soap opera Veronica, in 1979. Later, she was included in the second stage of Los ricos también lloran, where she played Edith González's mother. The actress continued with firm steps with Colorina y Soledad, a production in which she met the man who would become her husband, Humberto Zurita, a person who, besides becoming her partner, began to accompany her professionally. Another of her most outstanding projects was Bodas de Odio, in 1984, where she played Magdalena Mendoza, a young woman who is in love with a modest soldier, but is forced by her mother to marry a man of high society. Years after this melodrama ended, producer Ernesto Alonso would give her the dress she wore in the finale of this telenovela so that she could marry Humberto Zurita in real life in 1996. In 1996, another success would come to her career but as a producer, Cañaveral de Pasiones was placed in the first places of audience with this story starring Daniela Castro, Juan Soler and Francisco Gattorno. In this telenovela, her son Sebastián Zurita would make his artistic debut. In Televisa she produced Bajo un mismo rostro, telenovela with which she would say goodbye to the company and would begin to have one of the most important changes in her life at a professional level, moving to TV Azteca. At TV Azteca she would begin one of Christian's most ambitious projects, La chacala, where she participated as producer and protagonist, playing three characters: Hilda, Liliana and Delia. After finishing, she continued behind the scenes with Azul Tequila, where she gave her first opportunity to Bárbara Mori, with El candidato and La calle de las novias. After almost four years of not starring in a telenovela, she reappeared in Agua y Aceite with Humberto Zurita, the last project of the production company Zuba, a partnership between the couple. After finishing this project, the couple decided to travel to Miami, United States, where they lived. In 2017, Bach and her husband announced her retirement from the screen. By that time, the actress's health was deteriorated by a rare degenerative disease. Her last years were spent with her family at home. Bach passed away on February 26, 2019, in Mexico City, Mexico, due to a respiratory arrest. Her two sons -Emiliano and Sebastián- are owners of the production company Addiction House projects.

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    Christian Bach

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