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    Leila Säälik (born December 4, 1941) is an Estonian stage, film and radio actress. Leila Säälik was born in Tallinn. Her father was a machinist and her mother was a seamstress. She attended primary and secondary schools in Tallinn, graduating from Tallinn 7th Secondary School in 1960. Afterward, she enrolled at the Viljandi Cultural School (now, the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy), graduating in 1963. Leila Säälik made her film debut as Anete in the 1971 Kaljo Kiisk directed Tallinnfilm drama Tuuline rand, which was an adaptation of the 1951 four volume novel of the same name by author Adu Hint. In 1973, she had a starring role as Reet, opposite Latvian actor Uldis Pūcītis in the Kaljo Kiisk directed romantic drama Maaletulek. Following her role in Maaletulek, Säälik would concentrate on her stage work and not appear in another film until the role of Mrs. Rinnus in the 1990 dramatic short film Teenijanna, directed by Veiko Jürisson and based on the short story Epp by Mait Metsanurk. In 2006, Säälik would return to film with the role of Mathilde III in the Roman Baskin directed Vana daami visiit; an adaptation of the 1956 tragicomic play by Swiss dramatist Friedrich Dürrenmatt. In 2007, she had a small but pivotal role in the Ilmar Raag directed Klass (The Class) as the grandmother of Kaspar, one of two boys in secondary school who experience severe bullying and eventually engage in a school shooting. The film received awards from Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the Warsaw International Film Festival, and the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. It was also the official Estonian submission to the Best Foreign Language Film Category of the 80th Academy Awards, but did not make the shortlist . Säälik would reprise her role in Klass: Elu pärast (The Class: Life After) in 2010, an Eesti Televisioon (ETV) mini-series that chronicled the aftermath of the school shooting. In 2013, Leila Säälik appeared as the character Malle in the Ilmar Raag directed romantic drama Kertu, starring Ursula Ratasepp and Mait Malmsten for Amrion Since 2010, Leila Säälik has appeared in the role of Maimu Laurand, a sharp-tongued and spiteful mother-in-law, on the popular Kanal 2 drama series Pilvede all (Under the Clouds). The series has won three Estonian Entertainment Awards. Throughout her acting career, Säälik also performed in a number of radio theatre plays. Among her more memorable roles was as Anne in a 1975 radio production of Inge Trikkel's Öölaul, opposite actor Rein Malmsten Leila Säälik was married to actor Toomas Kalmet from 1964 until their divorce in 1969. She has three children; two sons and a daughter, and is a grandmother. She currently resides in Abja-Paluoja in Viljandi County.

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