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    Neola Graef


    Neola Graef was your classic "5 foot 2, eyes of blue" voluptuous blonde bombshell, who married young, and started modeling because it paid a lot better than being in sales; she made more in one hour modeling than previously took her a week to earn as a salesgirl. After two years of studying drama and the arts in college, she began a lucrative career in modeling, eventually branching out to sexploitation films, making over 200 short and feature-length movies, several of which were with her friend Uschi Digard, in both 16mm and 35mm formats. The number of feature films in which she received screen credit is small, possibly because she refused to do hard-core. She joined SAG and later had small roles in mainstream features as well. She had a relationship with photographer and director William Rotsler and finally retired from the industry in 1972, ending her brief movie career.

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    Neola Graef

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