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    Erra Fazira


    Erra Fazira (born Fazira Wan Chek) is a Malaysian actress, singer, fashion model, TV Host, film producer, as well as former beauty queen. She rose to fame in the early/mid 1990s following her roles in Sembilu ("Torn", Sembilu 2 ("Torn 2"), Maria Mariana and Pasrah (Surrender). She received critical acclaim and a Best Actress In a Leading Role trophy at Malaysia Film Festival twice for her portrayal of inspiring young sales girl and part time student "Nurul Ain" in "Soal Hati ("About The Heart")" (2001) and as "Nora", an old lady with dark past in the film Hingga Hujung Nyawa (" Until The End of Life" (2005). She received another three Malaysia Film Festival's Best Actress award nomination for her performance in Soalnya Siapa? ""Who is it?" (2003), Persona Non Grata (2006), and Anak "The Child" (2008).

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    Erra Fazira

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