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    Yoshikazu Kotani


    Yoshikazu Kotani


    Yoshikazu Kotani is a musician and actor most known for his roles in the Boys Love movies, The Prince of Tennis, and the Kamen Rider television series. Yoshikazu Kotani is a Japanese actor and singer from Tokyo. He is known most notably for his role as Takashi Kawamura in The Prince of Tennis musical series, Tenimyu, and the live film adaptation. Kotani has appeared in a various number of TV shows and movies. He has also appeared in commercials for Pocky (January 2005) and Asahi Beer (December 17–25, 2004). On October 18 and 19, 2003, Kotani appeared in the 2-day staging of ANGEL29x99. He began dating former Morning Musume member Risa Niigaki after they starred in the stage play Absolute Boyfriend in 2013. After two years of dating, they married on July 11, 2016. On January 6, 2018, they announced in their blogs that they were filing for divorce.

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    Yoshikazu Kotani

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