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    Cie Allman


    Cie Allman


    Cie Allman-Scott, Ph.D. is a seasoned show host and Media Psychologist who successfully evolved to both sides of the camera from years of modeling and acting. A published author of both #1 best-selling books and audio books, Dr. Scott is also the writer of TV commercials, infomercials, episodic and "how to" daytime TV programs, music videos, and transformative self-help tools. Dr. Cie has thirty years of full time experience as an actress, TV host and narrator, including voice-overs for hundreds of productions. She spends half of her time lecturing throughout the world and appearing on television as a Media Psychologist. As an actress, TV host and producer, "Dr. Cie" earned 8 Tellys, 2 Vision Awards, and 2 Emmy nominations for production and hosting.

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    Cie Allman

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