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    Aris Mejias


    Aris Mejias


    Formally trained in theatre and with 18 years of experience in front of the the camera, the award winning actress began her career in local film, theatre and television productions. Notably in feature films such as “Cayo" (2006) by Vicente Juarbe, “Che” (2008) by Steven Soderbergh, and particularly in “The Vessel” (2016) by Julio Quintana with an executive production of Terrence Malick and co-starring with Martin Sheen which showcased her bilingual abilities by shooting simultaneously all scenes in Spanish and English. She recently co-starred along Pedro Capo in “Sol de Medianoche” by Douglas Sánchez (HBO). Is the omnipresent narrating voice of Tribeca Film Festival three times winner "Una Noche” (2012) by Lucy Mulloy, the lead role in Cannes Short Film Corner selection “Endless Cycle” (2015) by Fernando Rodríguez which she garnered the “Best Actress” award at the 2016 International Oporto Film Festival. Likewise she was the lead role in the the Long Format Latin Grammy winner “Loco de amor: La historia” (2015) by Kacho López. She runs and operates her clothing line Skin Onion.

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    Aris Mejias

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