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    John Ashley Hamilton


    John Ashley Hamilton


    John Ashley Hamilton--actor, writer, director--brings to the entertainment industry many years of experience in acting and film production. A native of London, England, he became a well-known personality there from his work in television and commercial appearances. He was the first black person to appear in a commercial shown on television and in movie theaters in England and Wales. The product was Tia Maria coffee Liqueur. Hamilton has a strong theatre background. He appeared in plays at the London West End Theatres of Great Britain, and was a member of the Royal National Theatre of Great Britain when Sir Laurence Olivier was director. Hamilton's voice was very well known as a radio performer in England and Wales on BBC radio. In the US he appeared as an actor in several television shows and commercials. He also trained as a director with Spelling/Goldberg Productions on the Fox lot; he sold a story idea to Norman Lear for an episode of Lear's series Good Times (1974). Hamilton believes as long as he is working doing what he loves--his passion for acting, writing, directing--getting paid a lot of money is unimportant. Money doesn't make the man. Man makes money. Hamilton left the entertainment business for a few years, but has since returned to the business.

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    John Ashley Hamilton

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