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    Over the years, Eric Casaccio has been in several different areas of the entertainment industry. He got his start performing in Boston Regional Theatre Productions and independent films. During that time, Casaccio worked for Boston Casting, recruiting talent for commercials, industrials, theater productions, and independent films while taking crew positions on local movies. In January of 1997, Eric moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and writing and subsequently wrote his first feature screenplay, "David's Walls." After completing several drafts, he was determined to bring his creation to life. Shortly after that, Eric worked in production on features, commercials, and music videos. The experiences in production and casting groomed Eric to produce an experimental five-minute music video for "David's Walls." This project gives viewers a brief symbolic vision with abstract glimpses of the storyline's main characters. "David's Walls" screened in several festivals around the country. One of Casaccio's most significant accomplishments is an onstage charity event production of his screenplay, "Psychic Glitter." This venture was responsible for raising almost $2,000.00 for The Trevor Project honoring the memory of Lawrence King, a teenager shot and killed in school for his sexual orientation and gender expression. Eric wrote, produced, co-directed, and even played a feature-length lead role while spreading awareness for an unforgettable tragedy. From 2011 to 2016, Eric's short films "Freak" and "Narcissist" collected several awards on the film festival circuit and reached critical acclaim. These stories of self-acceptance and dealing with narcissist abuse touched mainstream, international, underground, and LGBT audiences worldwide with several positive reviews. Both projects received worldwide on-demand distribution with IndieFlix, Dekkoo, Revry, and Fearless outlets. They are also available on Amazon Prime Video in certain countries. In addition to studying abroad with the London Theatre Program, Eric received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Roger Williams University, graduating with honors. He has studied acting at the Michael Chekhov Connection and has appeared in many award-winning short films. Eric now resides in St. Petersburg, Florida, where his creative career expanded into professional coaching artists to boost their art forms and break their doubts. Recently, Casaccio has placed a quarterfinalist, semi-finalist, and finalist in many screenwriting competitions with his feature-length screenplay "Twin Flames" and his short "Always Love." On top of that, Eric was nominated for Best Actor at the 2022 Dunedin International Film Festival for his leading role in the short film "My Sick Love."

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