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    Vanessa Ciangherotti


    Vanessa Ciangherotti is a Mexican film, theater and television actress, known for her career in melodramas for TV Azteca, a direct descendant of the Soler dynasty of actors in Mexico. She is the daughter of actor Fernando Luján, and sister of actors Cassandra Ciangherotti and Fernando Ciangherotti. She was married to actor Roberto Sosa, from 1996 to 2002. She is a theater-trained actress, descendant of an artistic dynasty that includes actors, directors, producers, and writers who have been active for more than ten decades. She began her studies in dramatic art, stage direction and dramaturgy at a very early age with the best teachers in Mexico, and in countries such as Colombia, Canada, the United States and England. She began her professional career as an actress in 1989 under the direction of important Mexican directors, which gave her the opportunity to belong for three years to the renowned independent theater group Taller del Sótano, participating in international festivals in more than six countries with the play El Otro Exilio, a tribute to Albert Camus. Since then, she has been part of various works in all disciplines. In television, she has been featured in Todo por amor, Se busca un hombre. In theater, Bellas atroces, Malcolm, Chicas católicas, to name a few. In film, Paty chula, Ariel award in 1992, Sonríe, Ariel award in 1998. In 2011 she was also awarded the Silver Goddess (Pecime) as best actress. As a stage director, her first production was Pita en cuatro tiempos, within the framework of the Fourth international cabaret festival, CDMS (best direction), obtaining the same award at the VI Theater festival in Lima, Peru. She worked for the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences in the realization and production of the Ariel Award Show 2010, under the direction of Hector Bonilla. In television she directed the social content series Lo que callamos las mujeres for six years for Tv Azteca and the series Bajo el alma for Azteca 7. In recent years she has directed different productions for Microteatro México and Teatro en corto. After 27 years of working in front of and behind the camera, Ciangherotti is currently setting up her own audiovisual content and production company, with Ciencia bruja being her first series.

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    Vanessa Ciangherotti

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