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    Gianni Nazzaro


    Gianni Nazzaro (27 October 1948 – 27 July 2021) was an Italian singer and actor. Born in Naples, Nazzaro started his career with the stage name of Buddy, recording 59 singles, mainly cover songs, between 1965 and 1968. In 1968 Nazzaro started to perform with his real name and he took part at the music contest Un disco per l'estate with the song "Solo noi". In 1970 he won the Napoli Music Festival with the song "Me chiamme ammore". After a series of successful hits, in the eighties Nazzaro gradually slowed his musical production, focusing with some success in stage musicals. Gianni Nazzaro was the son of vaudeville actor and gossip columnist Erminio Nazzaro. He was the second of four siblings, two sisters and a brother. Nazzaro married Nada Ovcina during the first years of the 1970s. They had two children, Junior, born in 1973, and Giorgia, born in 1976. Nazzaro and Ovcina eventually divorced, but after years of estrangement, they reestablished their relationship in 2016. Ovcina remarried Nazzaro just hours before his death in a Roman hospital from lung cancer, on 27 July 2021. Source: Article "Gianni Nazzaro" from Wikipedia in English, licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.

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    Gianni Nazzaro

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