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    Mohammad Reza Foroutan


    Mohammad Reza Foroutan


    Mohammad-Reza Foroutan is a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology at Islamic Azad University. His acting in an episode of the mystery drama ‘Clue’ (1996) brought him an offer to play in Masoud Kimiai’s film. He achieved a nation-wide fame after appearing in ‘Mercedes’ (1997) and ‘Objection’ (1999). Shining in movies such as ‘Red’ (1998), ‘Two Women’ (1998), ‘Born in the Month of Mehr’ (1999), ‘Under the City’s Skin’ (1999), and ‘Winter Solstice’ (2000) made him a superstar. He has also acted in movies such as ‘The Target’ (1994), ‘The Last Port’ (1994), ‘Friday Soldiers’ (2003), ‘Octopus’ (2004), ‘The Bachelors’ (2004), ‘Kandelous Gardens’ (2004), ‘While Everyone Was Asleep’ (2005), ‘Cold Soil’ (2005), ‘The Night Bus’ (2006), ‘Hidden Feeling’ (2006), ‘The Second Woman’ (2007), ‘My Child’ (2008), ‘14-Karat’ (2008), ‘Invitation’ (2008), ‘Being 40’ (2009), ‘The Other Man’ (2009), ‘The Pact’ (2011), ‘Unfinished Tajrish’ (2011), ‘No One, Nowhere’ (2012), ‘Metropol’ (2013), ‘Sensitive Level’ (2013), and ‘Night Shift’ (2014). He has appeared in series such as ‘The Forgotten’ (2010) and ‘Ancient Land’ (2010) as well. Foroutan received two Crystal Simorghs for Best Actor for his leading role in the physiological thriller ‘Red’(1998) and ‘Slowly’ (2005). He has bagged two Golden Statues for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Iran Cinema Celebration Awards for ‘Winter Solstice’ and ‘Red’.

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    Mohammad Reza Foroutan

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