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    Monsieur Poulpe


    Monsieur Poulpe, also called Poulpy, is a French television host, comedian, singer, screenwriter and actor, born February 7, 1981 in Rouen (Seine-Maritime). During his childhood, he traveled a lot due to his father's job, who was a gendarmerie officer (he spent several years in Gabon) then settled in Buchy, in Normandy. At the age of eight, he had fun making films in his garden, including parodies of horror films3. A not very studious student, he claims not to have taken most of the baccalaureate exams4. A fan of video games, he works on the Nolife television channel where he plays, among others, in the series Nerdz. He is also known on the Internet through his blog. The origin of his pseudonym: “Since middle school, people have called me The Octopus because I do lots of things: I draw, I write, I play but I seem super soft”. He leaves doubt about his true identity, having given in several interviews and on social networks a potential real name, Camille Pierrandeli6, calling himself Erwan Cohen on various occasions as well, or even Nicolas, Mathieu or Réginald11 but none of them does not seem to be the real one.

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    Monsieur Poulpe

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