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    David Novak is a veteran of over twenty five years in the entertainment business. Most recent credits include numerous movies aired on Lifetime Channel and Lifetime Movie Network. The TV movie "My Daughter Was Stolen", which has aired numerous times on Lifetime, had David cast in the role of Detective Hobbs. He was also a co-producer on this project. David has also done many other projects and is process of developing films he has written as well. He is an actor, writer, musician, singer, song writer, and guitarist. In his early days in music (as a teenager into his 40's), he performed at numerous venues primarily in the Southern California area. His music included "cover" songs for many of the known groups of the time, but David also performed many of his own compositions. Early music groups he was the lead singer, front man and guitarist for include: Sonkist, Chaddessen Street Band, Grey Bear and more. His early acting career began doing extra work for many feature film, prime time television shows and national commercials. As he grew in his knowledge and ability, he began landing small speaking roles in various films and television shows. As the years unfolded his roles became bigger and more noteworthy. David now regularly works as a leading man and also in large supporting roles. One of his earlier "breakout" roles was in ABC's daytime television soap General Hospital where he landed an ongoing recurring role as "Tiso" (one of the mafia generals). His writing talents have also given themselves to a number of screenplays. He enjoys regular roles in feature films, television and commercials with an eye on producing his own projects.

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