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    Indrek Taalmaa (born July 9, 1967) is an Estonian stage, television, voice, film actor, and theatre director whose career began in the early 1990s. Indrek Taalmaa was born and raised in the town of Viljandi. He graduated from Viljandi Secondary School No. 4 in 1985. In 1986, he entered the Drama School of the Tallinn State Conservatory (now, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre), but was conscripted into the Soviet Army and spent two years deployed to Afghanistan during the Soviet–Afghan War. Taalmaa's first significant television role was as Carl Danhammer in the 2005 Ilmar Raag-directed Eesti Televisioon (ETV) television film August 1991; a dramatization of the failed Soviet attempt to suppress the independence movement in Estonia. The following year, he portrayed Konstantin Päts, the first head of government, in the twelve-part ETV historical drama television mini-series Tuulepealne maa. Also, in 2006, he appeared on Finnish television in the role of Igor Golitsyn in the Tapio Piirainen-directed crime drama film Bodomin legenda. Taalmaa began his film career in several short films and as a voice actor in animated short films in the early 1990s. His first significant film role was that of Oskar Elevant in the 1997 historical comedy Minu Leninid (All My Lenins), directed by Hardi Volmer. Other roles followed in the 2005 Rainer Sarnet-directed thriller Libahundi needus (Curse of the Werewolf) and the 2006 Elmo Nüganen-directed comedy Meeletu (Mindless); both of which were originally aired on Estonian television, then released theatrically. In 2007, he played the role of Talesh in the Peeter Simm-directed biographical drama film Georg, which chronicled the life of Estonian singer and actor Georg Ots. In 2008, he played the role of President of Estonia Konstantin Päts in the Ain Mäeots-directed Exitfilm biographical drama Taarka, based on the play of the same name by Kauksi Ülle about the difficult life of Seto folk singer Hilana Taarka. Taalmaa has appeared in over thirty short films, animated films, and feature films. Notable appearances include roles in the 2009 Andrus Tuisk-directed road-movie Pangarööv (Bank Robbery), the 2013 René Vilbre-directed family film Väikelinna detektiivid ja valge daami saladus, the 2017 Sulev Keedus-directed drama Mehetapja/Süütu/Vari (The Manslayer/The Virgin/The Shadow), the 2017 Andres Puustusmaa-directed comedy Rohelised kassid (Green Cats), and the 2018 Moonika Siimets-directed period drama Seltsimees laps (The Little Comrade). In 2021, he appeared in the role of Landlord in the Ergo Kuld directed comedy film Jahihooaeg (Hunting Season) alongside Harriet Toompere, Mirtel Pohla and Grete Kuld. The following year, he appeared in the Ergo Kuld directed romance-drama Soo (The Bog), screen written by Martin Algus and based on the novel 1914 novel of the same name by Oskar Luts. In 2012, when the 1994 Disney animated musical film The Lion King was dubbed into the Estonian language, Taalmaa voiced the character Pumbaa. Indrek Taalmaa is in a long-term relationship with actress Karin Tammaru. The couple have two sons and reside in Tallinn.

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