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    Jacob Appelbaum


    Jacob Appelbaum


    Jacob Appelbaum (born 1 April 1983) is an American independent journalist, computer security researcher, artist, and hacker. Appelbaum studied at the Eindhoven University of Technology and was a core member of the Tor project, a free software network designed to provide online anonymity, until he stepped down from his position over sexual abuse allegations which surfaced in 2016. He was among several people to work with NSA contractor Edward Snowden's top secret documents released in 2013. He has contributed extensively as a journalist to the publication of those documents. His journalistic work has been published in Der Spiegel and elsewhere. Appelbaum is also known for representing WikiLeaks. He has displayed his art in a number of institutions across the world and has collaborated with artists such as Laura Poitras, Trevor Paglen, and Ai Weiwei. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Jacob Appelbaum

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