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    Mike Smith, originally from Houston, Texas started his multi-sport athletic career early. He grew up a lifelong practitioner in various martial arts, riding horses and motocross. On a diving scholarship, Mike graduated from Auburn University. He then went on to high diving in live shows at Magic Mountain and MGM Grand, which led to an amazing ride. Mike soon became one of Hollywood's hottest stunt doubles making Mel Gibson, Ethan Hawke, Christian Bale, David Duchovney and many other leading men, look damn good. He's been James Bond, Batman and countless heroes driving fast cars, riding wild horses and braving 100ft falls. Soon after transitioning into the world of stunt coordinating and second unit directing Mike was asked to be a member of one of Hollywood's most prestigious groups, Stunts Unlimited, and has served on the Board for multiple terms. Mike has always had an overwhelming passion for storytelling and blending that with his action direction, Mike is fast becoming one of Hollywood's most sought after action designers. Recent projects include Dan Girloy's films Nightcrawler, Roman J. Israel Esq. as well as Velvet Buzzsaw. He also worked on the movies Need for Speed, Seven Psychopaths, and Destroyer.

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    Mike Smith

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