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    Keita Machida


    Keita Machida


    Keita Machida (町田 啓太, Machida Keita, born 4 July 1990) is a Japanese actor. He is a member of the theater group Gekidan Exile. Machida is represented by LDH Machida was born on 4 July 1990, in Higashiagatsuma, Japan. He has one younger and one older sister. Starting in elementary school, he learned Kendo until entering junior high school. After graduating junior high school, Machida joined the Japan Aviation High School in Ishikawa, as he had loved vehicles since his childhood and aspired to be a pilot. He started dancing when he was in high school and took on the role of captain in his dance club. In his youth Machida also attended EXPG Tokyo, a talent school run by LDH.

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    Keita Machida

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