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    Jennifer Cheon


    Jennifer Cheon Garcia is a native to Vancouver, Canada and of Mexican/Korean heritage. She is also a New Zealand resident. Jen started performing at the age 6 in music, theatre, and dance. She holds a 2 degree black belt in Taekwondo and is a trained Mauy Thai fighter and weapons specialist. When she isn't training or working on set you can find her on her farm in the country side riding her 17.5 hands, warm blooded horse named Caesar. Jen started her film career with a role in "Eve and The Fire Horse". Over the years this has lead to a steady stream of parts including the fan favorite character 'Ivory' in Syfy's Van Helsing. and "Leane" in Wheel of Time. In 2016 Jen won a Leo award for Best Actress for her part in the critically acclaimed web series The Drive.

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    Jennifer Cheon

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