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    Yuko Suzuhana


    Suzuhana Yuuko (鈴華ゆう子, Yuuko Suzuhana) also known as Yuukorin (ゆうこりん) and Seika (晟華) is a poem recital teacher, utaite, songwriter, and pianist.[2] She is well known for her traditional Japanese song arranges with Wagakki Band (和楽器バンド, lit. traditional instrument band) of VOCALOID songs such as "Tsuki・Kage・Mai・Ka" ; it is also her most popular video with 528K views as of October 2013. Her voice fits well with the traditional arranges and she is good at making her voice waver to fit the traditional tone well. Yuuko sings in a calm and gentle voice and has also shown to have a nice soft and supple vibrato. She is also a member of the units Hanafuugetsu, which focuses on traditional Japanese songs as well as poem recitations. It's noted that she was trained in shigin - a way of reciting poems while chanting - since she was 5 years old.[1] Yuuko is also part of Yuukari and the classical pops unit Asty, which in contrast to the traditional Japanese rail, features piano and violin instrumentals, like for example, in the Asty original song "Kimi Iro". At times, she also sings VOCALOID songs, such as her cover of "Watashi ga Kami wo Kitta Riyuu" . She has released a fair amount of albums, mini albums, and singles with her groups as well as her own EPs and has also participated in Shirakami Mashiro's Touhou arrange album Mugen Wondergate.

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    Yuko Suzuhana

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