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    Rae Sunshine Lee


    Rae Sunshine Lee


    Born Rachel M.B. Renish, youngest of ten, Rae Sunshine Lee is a singer, actress, science fiction novelist and poet. In the 1960s, she was a child model in the Sears/Roebuck magazine for four years, even appearing on the cover. She also appeared in commercials such as Chatty Cathy: This Is Mattel's Family of Chatty Dolls (1962) with Maureen McCormick, and made appearances on Bonanza (1959) and Bozo the Clown (1959). Lee has published three books: "As Timeless as Infinity", "The Elsewhen of Drixdada", and "Musings of Sunshine: A Lifetime in Verse". The first two books are science fiction novels, and (at the time of this writing) she is working on a third to complete the trilogy. She has written two screenplays and is looking forward to directing her first project, a fantasy film. Lee is attending school to further her education in the field of Human Services. She is a great defender of children everywhere and has done volunteer work for years as a children's civil rights advocate. She also got her pastoral license to aid a burgeoning jail house ministry.

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    Rae Sunshine Lee

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