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    Chika Kanamoto


    Chika Kanamoto


    Chika Kanamoto is an actress, from Osaka Japan. Chika started her career as a dancer, worked in major productions. Her exceptional dance talent lead to her getting noticed by major producers, who then asked her to be in their films, and led to the development of her acting career. Chika was cast as the Japanese Flight Attendant for the Disney motion picture, Old Dogs. Chika was directly booked by the casting director who had seen Chika act before. Chika performed for the role speaking both Japanese and English. She acted alongside the stars of the movie, John Travolta and Robin Williams. "The art of suicide" A dark tale about a suicidal man who meets the devil incarnate Paula. Chika Portrayed the role of Paula. The film Won "Award of Merit" and "Paris Cinema Festival". With more than 40 years in the industry as a successful director/actor/writer, Austin Pendleton(Tony Award nominated for best direction of a play for The little foxes starring Elizabeth Taylor) selected Chika to act as his scholarship student at his acting studio in New York. Austin has had time to watch Chika develop and says the following: Someone who can sing, dance, and act provides the versatility producers die for and Chika is one of such performer... Ms. Kanamoto's combined triple threat talents with her Japanese background produce an exceptionally unique and desired performer.

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    Chika Kanamoto

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