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    Marinelly Vaslon


    Native from Brittany (Western France), Marinelly Vaslon studied foreign languages - English, German and Spanish - before moving to Paris to enrol in drama school. She attended Lesley Chatterley's Acting in English course, then joined Eva Saint Paul's theatre school for 4 years. She made her acting debut in 2011 in The Egg, a play by Félicien Marceau, while setting up her own theatre company: Boss'Kapok, with fellow actress Joyce Franrenet, allowing more than a dozen of plays to come to life. She has since been in a variety of theatre productions both in France and in the UK, including an internationally touring comedy by Fabrice Blind, La Guerre des Garces, the Paris debut of Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter's A Kind of Alaska (1984), as well as the work of other contemporary playwrights... After acting in a few short movies where she portrayed a broad variety of characters: A rock'n'roll cougar barmaid, a naiad, or even a hot-tempered Parisian girl, in 2015 she joined the cast of the TV Series On Va En Parler (2015) as Hélène, one of Dr Chardon's eccentric patients. She has also appeared recently in feature films such as Night Fare (2015) by Julien Seri, and Fleur de Tonnerre, based on the true story of a poisoner in the 19th century.

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