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    Andres Dvinjaninov


    Andres Dvinjaninov


    Andres Dvinjaninov (born on November 20, 1963 in Tartu) is an Estonian actor, singer, director and theater director. He graduated from Tartu 7th Secondary School in 1981, then studied at Tartu State University's Faculty of Economics in 1981-1984. In 1988, he graduated from the 13th flight of the Tallinn State Conservatory of Performing Arts. In 1992, Andres Dvinjaninov was one of the re-founders of the Estonian Actors' Union, and in 1993–2000 he was a member of its board. He is a member of the Estonian Actors' Union and the Estonian Directors and Dramaturgs' Union. In the years 2002–2007, he was the president of the Estonian Center of UNIMA. Andres Dvinjaninov has been married three times. He has a daughter Stina and a son Markus Dvinjaninov from his first marriage with the former director of the Estonian Drama Theater Ruti Einpalu. He has a son Mattheus from his second marriage with actress Marika Barabanshchikova. From his third marriage to actress Ingrid Isotamme, they have a daughter together.

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    Andres Dvinjaninov

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