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    Savannah Smith Boucher


    Savannah Smith Boucher


    Savannah Smith Boucher (born October 28, 1943), known professionally as Savannah Smith before 1985, is an American actress originally from Springhill, Louisiana. Her younger sister, Sherry Boucher, is a former actress who was the third wife of actor George Peppard. Boucher is descended from a line of Louisiana Democratic politicians. Her mayor father’s first cousin, Drayton Boucher, was a member of both houses of the Louisiana State Legislature, having served from 1936 to 1952. Her maternal uncle, John D. Herrington, also served as Springhill mayor — from 1978–86, and again from 1995-2006. Another sister of Sherry's and Savannah's, Jessica Boucher, was a session musician in the 1980s, most famous for being a duet partner of Merrill Osmond.

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    Savannah Smith Boucher

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