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    George Orrison


    George Orrison


    After dropping out of high school in his freshman year, George Orrison enlisted in the U.S. Army at age sixteen in 1945. While in the Army, Orrison was stationed in Alaska with the Army Corps of Engineers and helped build the Alcan Highway. At age eighteen, Orrison tried his hand on the rodeo circuit, in which he did bulldogging, bareback riding, and even some bull riding. George decided to pursue a career in the film business as a stuntman in 1960 after being introduced around Hollywood by fellow stuntman Erwin Neal. Among the notable actors that Orrison doubled for are Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin, Leslie Nielsen, William Smith, Richard Harris, Lee Van Cleef, Dan Duryea, John Smith, Claude Akins, and Hal Baylor.

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    George Orrison

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