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    Kelly Lynn Reiter


    Kelly Lynn Reiter


    Kelly Lynn Reiter is a small town girl who fell in love with big dreams. From the time she was a toddler, she was obsessed with Lucille Ball, John Ritter, and the thrill of performance. With a young theatre background, and singing professionally at the age of 5, Kelly moved briefly through modeling and into her passion, acting. At age 14, she landed her first large movie role. She started college in bio medical engineering at UNC Chapel Hill at age 15 in order to follow her dreams to Los Angeles at 18. Since then, it's been nothing but drive and dedication that has kept her working steadily. Her MMA training, singing, song writing and guitar talents, along with standup comedy and improv, have made possible her close to 50 projects. She has played the good girl, the bad girl and even the alien girl but no matter what, when she is on set she is smiling and when she's not on set, she's figuring out the next time she can be. She can usually be found in fuzzy socks, a Will Ferrell shirt, and most definitely a smile.

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    Kelly Lynn Reiter

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