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    Yan Jiaying


    Yan Jiaying


    Jessie Yan or Yan Jiaying. Actress, singer and model from Mainland China. In early 2010, she debuted as the captain of the singing and dancing group Celadon Girls. She participated in the competitions and recordings of the CCTV talent show " Avenue of Stars " and the music program "Let's Music Together". In October 2011, the thriller mystery film "The Immortal Medicine of the Immortal Way " co-starring with Liu Bowen and Yin Han was launched on the Internet.. In 2012, relying on her love of performing arts and dance learning, she was admitted to the undergraduate degree of film and television performance of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Opera for more professional studies. She is proficient in English and went to the United States for further studies in 2016 to "charge up" for herself. In July 2019, she starred in the urban drama "Your Future Has Been Signed", and in May 2020, she starred in the martial arts film "Tiger Hunter"

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    Yan Jiaying

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