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    Jeremy Hotz


    Jeremy Hotz


    Jeremy Hotz, a uniquely talented Canadian stand-up comic, has carved a successful international career through his original and astute observational comedy. He's earned acclaim at the Montreal Comedy Festival, with numerous sold-out Canadian theatre tours and performances across the US, Europe, and Australia. His rise began at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal in 1997, where he received a standing ovation. He continued to captivate audiences at the festival over the years, earning recognition and major development deals from CBS, DISNEY, and COMEDY CENTRAL. His talents extend beyond comedy, showcased in acting roles on HBO Canada’s Call Me Fitz and feature films like My Favorite Martian and Speed 2. He's been honoured with awards, including the Dave Broadfoot Comic Genius Award and the Jury Prize for Best International Performer at the Sydney Comedy Festival. In 2024, Hotz embarks on his 10th national tour, "Très Misérables," showcasing his iconic comedy.

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    Jeremy Hotz

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